The story about the twist of one youngster

Youth campaigns, non-governmental organizations, youth offices, discussions on many different topics, different challenges are the axis around which my attention turns. Every event that requires a competitive spirit, innovation and a broad perspective of the mind as well as solving the problems of today are in my focus. I consider myself one of the most active youngsters at this age in Macedonia or at least in my region. Just to make it clear, in one year I took part in more than 10 international projects, most like training courses where I got a license for a trainer. Yes, this is the bright side, but can we turn back and look from the prism of my friends, youngsters that live in my region and from the prism of our parents and the city where I live. I’m not sure we would be happy afterward. But let me introduce you.

There was a youngster in his early 16, who was quite closed for discussion, making friendships, shy, kinda bad student and there were no chances for him to know anything about Erasmus+ programs, and also his friends and the environment was the same. Simply no chances and opportunity for that. Even if he had known about Erasmus+ he would be scared to take a step, and jump in one youth exchange project. Would you believe if I tell you that right now while he is studying anatomy for his exam tomorrow, he found a free space to apply on one more new project in Cartagena, Spain where he can share the story about his twist in his life? And also now he is a student of medicine, active volunteer, leader, and it can be a trainer. I’m living in a small city, where people are quite conservative.

There are not too many people who work as outreach youth workers, street workers, or any kind of people who will work for the benefit of our youths. I can’t even say that we have a proper youth office in our town. So, therefore, some of us youths, who are well experienced, together with a couple of adults work for the benefits of the youths here, and mostly for the NEET situation. People who leave in my city aren’t well educated, education is in the shade, and on the other side mobile phones, computer games, useless applications are overflowing the youngsters.

Since my third grade of high school, I work on that point, and I made strong solutions to this problem, and I have my explanation about the NEET situation in my country and on the Balkan. This year I and a couple of friends are trying to form a non-governmental organization, at least an informal group which will work and will be in charge of the youngsters. But wait for a second, actually who says that? Is it possible to come from a youngster which lives in one of the most “dark” corners of the country, in a city where people are quite conservative, and I’m just 20 years old? Hmm… for sure behind that there is some interesting story which can be shared with others and get them motivated. I can say free that with my activities, and telling my story about me and my Erasmus+ I motivated many many youngsters in my region, and help them in finding themself. There is not a room where I can feel egocentric, about telling my story how I motivated me and people around me, how I got the opportunity to see the right path for my future, and how with my rhetorical skills I can motivated others.

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