It all started when a young 14-year-old boy joined a project, fit for kids between the ages of 8 and…14, actually. Go figure, I was the oldest one at that point. It was a theater play with dolls about an ethnic legend named “Itar Pejo”. It involved 2 groups of 15 kids each from Bulgaria and Macedonia. But that’s not important.

I don’t know why but being the eldest of those kids back then was a real ego boost, imagine a brunette haired boy with a slick baseball cap, and headphones, vibing to some old school Toni Zen beats. With a nice “T” and some shorts, a pair of sneakers…. yeah I was cool I know.

For a kid that didn’t have many friends back then I socialized really easy. Some of these people actually became really dear to me. And what’s a high school story without a high school crush… Elita. She was 13, and a singer. Gotta tell you she was something else, had blue marble eyes you could drown in. She was the coolest and most beautiful girl I had met. I spoke to her recently actually she got engaged, how time flies. Nonetheless, turned out after stalking her for 2 weeks in Bulgaria, she confessed she feels the same way when we got back to Macedonia, so yeah.. had a girlfriend for a while. Well, I was the lead actor in the play, of course, she’s gonna fall for it.

It all eventually leads to a lot of fun activities, foolishness, laughs and tears, cool projects and great experiences, but what was really a game-changer for me was standing on stage for the first time, in front of all those strangers, heart racing, adrenalin pumping. It was something else, something I hadn’t felt ever before. What followed after the play, all the praise and positive feedback, people being pleasantly surprised. How come a young 14-year-old boy has such an impact on a crowd, little sparks in those kids’ eyes. Cheering for the fictional character I portrayed…

After that project, I started acting like an amateur, had a few plays, even made some money. But the point of this story as I was told should be our positive influence on society. Well, I want to believe that somewhere out there, a little kid had watched one of my plays, and had seen the passion I carried in my heart for acting. And at some point, said to himself “I want to do that one day”.

Some parts of the story may seem like I’m bragging but I’m not. I never really pursued that dream I once had, out of fear or doubt maybe. I am no longer acting. I work for an American broker company that ships vehicles across the US. Not a happy ending, but destiny will take its own path I guess.

Due apologies for grammatical errors in the story above.

I hope you liked it, Hristijan Sanev ✌.

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