Local Initiatives for better Tetovo

I have been involved and still, I am, in one initiative funded by Generations for Peace with few more people from my town – Tetovo.
The tasks that we had were creating creative projects, mostly local activities which are public and could make a change in the city or at least to raise awareness about some specific problems and impact to the officials responsible for some of the problems. For that purpose, we organized an event where we put boxes on the streets where people were able to come and write what they need and what is missing in the town.

After that, we collected and read the messages from the citizens and we focused on the problems that were mostly written. We tried to talk with officials from the municipality and to contribute in the future. We figured out that people want more bike sides and more parking places, as well as clean air in the environment, so we printed flyers and spread them in the city, and put some to the municipality building.

A few months ago we came up with new initiatives about the coexistence in my city because we are living together with Albanians, Macedonians, and Turks mostly. The initiative was creating a movie which we will present to the public afterward, a movie where we interviewed the officials from one church, mosque, and historical object, we asked about their views of the coexistence, about the religions, the differences and in general living together. Also, the movie will include videos from Tetovo’s Bazaar which is an example of coexistence.

The movie should be presented this month to the public, and we will invite many people from different religions, professors, from the non-governmental sector, and maybe from some political parties as well, but the event will be public for everyone and we may share the
video and go to TV Station. So this latest idea is still happening. Our organization is also having an initiative about helping the kids with disabilities, which we are developing now.
I think I have written about some successful things that we have done, and we are still doing to try to make a better change and they are a good example of how I am contributing to giving many ideas, with help of the teamwork to make a change.

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