If You Want To Change The World, Start With Yourself First

Living in an environment where different ethnicities constantly intertwine, we have often been exposed to some unwelcome events stemming from a different outlook towards life, culture, but above all else, the love towards what’s ours while disrespecting that which is foreign.

Many people simply do not understand that it is those differences that make the world a better and more interesting place to live. This idea was the lynchpin from which we started developing the idea of togetherness in the environment in which I live. Encouraged by this vision, we gathered a group of young people who, through their creativity, came up with the idea to create a comedic-sarcastic play which reflects everyday lives, by mixing languages, day-to-day activities, arguments, love.

We successfully managed to get people to think about their actions and realize that we are all the same under this sky and that love knows no bounds.
What made this project special was the fact that we expressed our problems by using the “language” of the theater. Traveling and playing in different towns, meeting new children and leaving them impressed with our performances helped us reach a new stage in our lives.

I am really glad that we managed to deliver a certain massage, and even if it doesn’t affect others, it affected us in a way that allowed us to “destroy” all the barriers and prejudices, and publicly state what bothers us the most.

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