Green village

The story takes place in a very small village in the East of Macedonia, a village which is situated among mountains, charming nature, calming river… a village that has so much potential of becoming a clean place to live in.

I don’t live in my village for some 8 years but every time I came back, it was breaking my heart seeing it so dirty, where young people don’t do anything and older people don’t really motivate them to start making any change for their own good. I decided to be the one who will take the initiative and try to make some change. It was quite hard at the beginning when I proposed to some youngsters to start cleaning the village, but finally, a group of 6 accepted and we cleaned the trash on the main street. After that, the next month we started again and this time we had more volunteers which were not only young people but also adults. We planted flowers and cleaned the space around the river.

It happened last year, but they kept doing it since then even if I was not here. That makes me really happy because even a small action made a big difference for our environment and not only but also people became more active and aware.

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