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I’ve always been eager to expand my knowledge and participate in various activities, as much as I can, therefore I’ve never found satisfaction being in a comfort zone. I wanted to different. From the early high-school years, I have started to show interest in extracurricular activities and I would recommend every young individual to participate in such activities. I have attended debate classes, been to many debate tournaments, learned many new skills.

Later on, I passed the training for trainers and even taught debate classes and worked with many students by myself.
I have also volunteered in the Youth Council of the Municipality of Stip, where I was a part of many projects and even helped in organizing some of them. I have also had the opportunity to go to a Youth exchange in Bulgaria in 2016.

At the moment, I study Computer science at UGD in my hometown Stip. During my university years is when I heard about the Erasmus+ program for students and decided to go. So I did, I went to Romania for one semester where I have spent four unforgettable months. Additionally, I’ve volunteered in teaching classes for laboratory exercises for a couple of semesters in my faculty, participated in some conferences and competitions.

Last December, I was a part of the Generation Unlimited challenge in Skopje, which was about using digital technology to help increase the inclusion of young people and children with disabilities, both in education and everyday life.
About myself, I would say that I enjoy traveling, getting to know new cultures and meeting new people along with those visits. I have been to more than ten different countries and I hope that Spain is my next destination.

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