Traditions from the past, path for the future

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone and that is where change begins “ is a phrase that has shaped my life the past couple of months.  Wherever you go and whatever you try is more fascinating when it’s kind of different. That is the reason I’m writing this and applying it to this project.

My school had a summer school program with the common goal of engaging the youth in the summer. A good vision but bad implementation. I was part of this “summer school” and after a week I saw the misery inside it. The so-called organizers were lazy and did nothing. One day while doing nothing on this program a spark went off in my brain. I was going to reinvent this “summer school”.

After this idea, I gather a couple of kids and made a schedule. The next week was a delight. Every kid was engaged and doing something, they weren’t just rotting away on their chairs regretting their decision to join. A week passed and we saw a change in the organizers as well. They had become more involved. They loved what we had made the “summer school” and decided to rebrand as a “creative corner” in the summer.

That is my sweet and short story about one of the bigger successes in my life. I have not been on any projects and I think going on one would broaden my communication skills. I’m a big fan of different cultures and meeting new people and I am hoping to have this wonderful opportunity to go to Cartagena and improve myself!

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