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Ireland is a dime piece of a country.  A wonderful country all should see. I have been here for about 25 years, we moved here because my dad got a better job offer, such a cliché I know.
I lived in a very bad part of Ireland and was a daily target for bullies, more vicious than the ones back in US. Back then I was a naïve child and didn’t do anything despite the fact that I could. But now being all grown it was time for action. As I got older I knew I had to put a stop to the bullying antics in the neighborhood and started to hatch plans.

Now these plans never saw the light of day up until 5 months ago. I now have a 12-year-old son who keeps coming home bruised and that was enough for me to stand up and act.
I was so fed up I went to the school and organized an emergency teachers and parent meeting. To my surprise, nearly half of the parents had the same problem.

My solution was this: anyone that could , would donate some money and the school would put up cameras. This was just one step to making a safer living environment for my child. Next, there would be transport for all the kids to their homes or stops nearby. The school reluctantly agreed and we took this idea to the mayor who loved it. This was implemented in the following month.
After this action the students expressed how grateful they were and how much safer they felt in the school halls and the surrounding area.

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