Stand up to abuse

About a year ago there was this girl in school that I noticed kept having bruises on her body. I was a kid so I didn’t know what to do. My best option was to talk to her, bad choice. A couple months had gone by and me and her did get close and she finally told me what had been happening to her. She was a victim of abuse. My immediate reaction was to tell her to get professional help but I realized she was too scared.  
There was nothing I could do to help this girl but just be there for her. While in a boring history lesson I was spaced out thinking how I could help my friend. I had the bright idea to start a club with the sole purpose of help my friend and anyone in a similar position. It worked!
The club was supported by the school, given a private free space where every student going through a problem would get help and share their story. Dozens of students signed up!

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