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A years long problem for France has been student housing. With the increase of students and decrease of university budgets, especially for dorm rooms, housing has become a serious problem.  
My University has been facing this issue for a while now as well. A few times the students have tried to fix the problem by trying to get funds but it has been pointless.

I had an interesting solution though, proposed it to my friends and co-workers and they all loved it.
So one fine evening we gathered the faculty representatives and proposed my idea. The idea was that our faculty had about 5 free classrooms not being used because of their conditions and there simply being no need for them so we can turn them into some sort of dorms for students who really, really need them.

The faculty liked the idea but ended up only turning 3/5 into dorms. This still was a huge step forward and using us as examples other schools implemented this.
My idea got 18 students of high need rooms and roofs over their heads!

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