One small step for women

I live in a part of Germany (not named) where injustice against women prevails. Women don’t have the same privelages as men. I was 15 and had just started working in a coffee shop as a coffee girl downtown. I was working there for about 3 months and was being paid 7 Euros per hour. When 2 new boys were hired, the same position as me, they were paid 9 Euros. This really irritated me
How was I going to fix this injustice? There wasn’t any simple solution.

I talked with the manager and got rejected and even belittled.
After 6 full months the boys even got a raise and I stayed at my simple 7 Euros.
I had had enough. I joined a women activist group and started an even bigger movement. All the women in my area got raises including me) and we were all happy. This was the pinnacle of my success and happiness.

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