NO! to air pollution

I have lived in Naples, Italy my entire life and am really sad about its current state. It is currently the 3rd most polluted city in Europe right behind Skopje. It has not always been this way though.
Next to my school there was this factory for pizzas and it was always running and we later found out it was the main cause for the pollution in our area. So one day me and my friends decided to sit down and hatch a plan. How do we fix the pollution problem?
There was no right answer. With each “solution” a new problem. But there was one, we would go out protest and just start a movement to shut down the factory. That’s exactly what we did and the government listened!!
The factory was shut down! Now you may ask what about the pizza? Well now it’s not mass-produced it is made in the restaurants face to face… so now we have even healthier food!
That’s how me and my ragtag group of protesters became famous for shutting down a pizza factory in ITALY!

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