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March, 2017.

For a while now I have noticed the lack of creative clubs at my school. I live in a relatively big area so my school not having art, singing, choir, theatre clubs was a pretty unusual situation. Also I did notice a pattern of students going to the headmaster to start these above-mentioned clubs and getting rejected in favor of the football and basketball teams. Now if my school was a leading force with the sports teams I could have somewhat understood the ignorance of the headmaster, but not having made it to the finals 7 years in a row should have been an indicator for change.

Even I went to the headmaster with a petition with numerous amounts of signatures wanting an art club but got rejected… How was this possible? Isn’t there some kind of a law against this? Was I being patronized?
After some odd hours and days of reading I finally started with action. I was going to get all of the art lovers to organize a protest and get our damn art club!

And somehow that’s exactly what happened. After about an hour of standing in front of the school with dozens of kids the headmaster came out and got me and my friend (the organizers). After a friendly chat, he agreed to invest in some clubs at our school.
That is the story of how little old me got the entire school an art, theatre club and a choir!

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