The 4 “H”

You, yes you..hello there!

Could you please give me the definition of volunteerism in real life? Me neither. Although I have been a legal and seasonal volunteer to more than 30 organizations and events, I still learn and change my aspect.

I am currently involved in a lovely project that makes me feel worthy: I am a permanent volunteer to the youth center CONNECT YOUR CITY were we recycle clothes, we teach Greek to EVS people, we absorb refugees to programs, we offer business and psychological education, we provide mental health care when needed, we play sports and games, we make unique festivals.  The most amazing thing is that everything is free, we have a huge supportive network of professionals and artists, we join the most different people, we help young people understand themselves, we are a happy shelter for souls that are equal!

As a result, I strongly believe that volunteerism is all about the 4H. You say hello to humans, you help them and you unlock happiness! It is that simple: making every experience easy, interesting, creative and social.

(I would like to thank Ioanna Tatidi for giving me the push to communicate this amazing initiative!)

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