Plastic hurts the World

I love the planet that we live on and recycling is an easy way to protect it. Instead of throwing things in the trash, it’s better to put them in a special bin so that they can potentially be reused.

Recycling helps keep the Earth clean, especially from plastic which is most commonly used. As a material, plastic is only 100 years old and yet people use it in tons! It never really goes away and it takes up to 1000 years for it to disappear and dissolve.

That is why I decided to find alternatives to plastic. In the past, I used a lot of plastic bags, but now I use reusable ones. I also do not use plastic bottles. I replaced those with glass bottles. I also stopped buying plastic forks, knives and plates. The most important is, of course, to recycle because, through that process, the old plastic can be turned into something new.

The most important thing is trying to convince all the people I know, why they should stop using plastic. I want to help them understand that by using plastic, they put our environment and our seas in danger.

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