“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Rob Siltanen

In our everyday lives, we’re surrounded by stories about how complicated life is, how difficult it is to grow up, mature and evolve within our own worlds. All manners of negative things within a society flung at us from every side possible and quite often it takes people, especially the young ones, in the wrong direction.

I found myself to be one of those people: lost, confused, without a path, unable to see things clearly. But sometimes, all it takes it’s to just stay still for a moment and rethink the good and the bad, what we appreciate and what we dislike. What we believe causes the issues and how we can contribute to lower their numbers.

People often get demoralized when they face such things because they’re faced with the most common thought: “Well, wow, how can I make such a difference? I’m but one person”.

            The answer is: “A  Lot” ;

Perhaps not to oneself but to others. Sometimes the answer to a problem is to simply do what we think is right in the favor of other people and as such, we can earn that self-fulfillment and accomplishment.

A good way to start is to desire a new way to see the world.

By making small amendments in our lives and at the same time encourage others to do the same, a snowball effect will spring that, given enough time might affect a wide area that will eventually surround an entire society.

As a teacher, as a friend, as a citizen, I always try to inspire and motivate others through projects and discussions, to do well for themselves and for those around them. We have to work with what we’re given no matter the situation. That alone can make quite a difference in our lives and it can help us in finding ourselves or constructing our inner self. We have to fight through and wait for the opportunity or the moment that we need to embrace and lose ourselves to make a change.

And so far… it happened, for myself and others around me.  People stopped dropping litter in the street, they started helping stray animals, stopped fighting each other due to meaningless things…and so much more. I was able to build up an Erasmus+ partnership that will benefit my students and open new gateways in their life. New perspectives and interactive ways of communicating despite our differences. For every bit of negativity walking about on the Internet or in the news, there’s an amazing, beautiful story to counteract it.

Stop wallowing in the fear-mongering ugliness that the general media tries to fling at you, and instead, let yourself be inspired by the wonder, beauty, and compassion in the world. It’s a difficult thing to accomplish as it’s often seen as a drowning situation, where we must rise above and swim against the current. But that is what we need as citizens in order to benefit our country and those that surround us.

Many thanks to my dear friend Constantin Diana Gabriela who inspired and supported me in writing this story.

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