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My programs are partner based with schools in Italy, Albania and schools in Africa.
The purpose of the school programs is to help children to be leaders of tomorrow and develop young minds. We want our students to be productive individuals rather than consumer individuals.

In order to meet the requirements of the era, strategic steps had been been taken in parallel with the changes in Science and Technology lessons in Albania. I needed to share skills with other partners that will enable the development of children through sharing ideas with other children.
I have programs in schools in Italy for sports, language, and culture. In Albania, the programs revolve around scientific research and in Africa l have an e-learning project and SDGs projects with children and my goal were to learn from other partners in Europe.

I want to join others in Europe. In this context, l share the values of European countries regarding education if there is a study based cooperation with other schools

We were referred to this citizenship portal by liliana liliana.

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