A Greek Exam Story

Hello, my name is Michael Kouloumpis, I am 19 years old and I am Greek. The story I am going to tell you today is about the Greek exams for Greek universities I’ve taken in 2018. So let’s begin.

The year 2017-2018 it was a crucial year for me because every Greek student at the age of 18 must study for a whole year to take the Greek exams named “Panellinies”. So in June 2018, I took the exams and I got the results after 2 months. The results where not like I expected because I wanted to pass in Piraeus Greek University and study Computing but the grade for this was too high and I passed in Technological University in west Macedonia.

After this, I searched for a college and I ended up in New York College studying Computing (University of Bolton). Thankfully I really love the course and I am going very well in terms of grades etc. Also, I am a volunteer in Connect Athens with Ioanna Tatidi who is also right now at Erasmus+ program in North Macedonia. Thanks to her I am writing this story.

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