The Kayak

Hello my name is Adrian and I come to tell my story. 2 years ago I was contacted through my Instagram to ask me if I wanted to go to an association called Eo Eo to help people and hang out, I didn’t think about it a lot and I went a few days and I really liked helping other people and taking care of the environment.

I am going to tell you about a few adventures: In Maro, which is a beach of Malaga full of cliffs, there was a lot of garbage caused by the greenhouses around it and then I went to clean them in a kayak with a person who has a mental disability, she did not I knew how to paddle so I was the only one who paddled while the other couples paddled together, because I went out last with this person and I paddled like a madman.

I managed to overtake the whole world and reach the cliff first to clean it up. Another thing I had to do alone, but at least I took a walk to the woman and had a good time, when I finished collecting all the plastics we returned to the beach and finally I could rest and eat my well deserved sandwich but it was very worth it and I felt very good!

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