Raising money for youth

What does it mean to be a good citizen ?For me, it meant being a volunteer and doing beautiful things not for money, but for pleasure, to give back and to give respect. Here’s  my story as a citizen.

When I was 16, I became a volunteer at YouthBank Moldova.
I was 2 years in this organisation. The  government of Sweden is financing that project and the purpose of our team was to collect money, apart from those we receive.

We did this with a number of different methods : fun resting, challenges, prizes for competitions, attracting local partners.
One day, we decided to make a used jewelry fair. For a week, we have gathered jewelry that people no longer use, we put symbolic prices and we went to the fair. People were happy to buy beautiful jewelry at such low prices and we sold almost everything. We collected more than 200 €. It is not so much, but we were the happiest.

By collecting the money collected with the rest of the money we had, we financed 12 youth projects that year. In this way, I consider myself as a good citizen, how about you?

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