Hunt for education

Education in rural areas is a very important topic and usually the “system” does not give it that much attention.

We dealt with the different types of education in my first ever Erasmus+ project, in Romania, in a village called 2 Mai. So, when we were told that we had to organize an event for a school in this small village, we were determined to give the children an unforgettable experience.  I put all my effort and creativity to contribute to this treasure hunt, where kids had to complete tasks in order to advance and find pieces of a bigger, common puzzle.

The whole experience showed the children that education can be done in a fun way. They learned how to work in a team, how to communicate better, how to think creatively and I also think they realized that learning English in a better way can be very useful and it can open them up to new opportunities.
It was amazing to see how this treasure hunt that lasted one hour gave the children more energy, more motivation and more knowledge about themselves. They gained more in one hour than in dozens of hours of formal education, I think.

So, I was very happy and grateful that I could bring my contribution to this non formal experience that put a big smile on those kids’ faces. And I think everyone has something to share, to become the spark for change in their community.

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