Hello everyone!

My name is Ioanna and I live in Athens, Greece. I am 18 years old and I graduated high school 1.5 year ago. Now I am studying Social Anthropology and also I work. As a person I am very energetic and motivated to do different things in my every day life. So, I started looking for volunteering programmes so I can spend my free time helping others with anything that I could do for them.

One day I decided to apply to one of the organisations that help children that were abused by their parents or from any other person that wanted to help them and they are staying at the hospital until judges decide if this kid will go to one of the organisation’s house or will go back to its parents.

So, I applied to this organisation and they accepted me. The next step was to tell me what I had to do in the hospital.
I was so nervous that day. They explained to me how I can handle children who have been to the hospital for a long time. The thing that I had to do was to play with them and keep them busy so they won’t feel lonely in the hospital!

My first day at the hospital I was so nervous and excited at the same time. When I arrived, the organisation gave me some toys, board games and some other stuff that children could spent their free time without getting bored. As I said before, the children that lived there were abused by their parents but some of them also were just sick.

When children saw me walking in the room with a bag of toys and other stuff they got sooo excited! I was very happy too! From that moment I knew that I wouldn’t have any problem with dealing this situation and I would have fun during the time that I would spent in the hospital with them. Those children appreciate so much the thing that I am going to play with them. They have a such a pure soul.

From that day I see the world differently. We have so many things in our life that we are not thankful of and these children that have been to these bad conditions they appreciate that you spend some time with them to just play.

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