We are all the same

Every year Macedonia’s Red Cross is organizing an action called Promotion of Human Values (PHV), involving more than 1500 participants aged 12-18, where actions are organized to help endangered people (homeless people, children with disabilities etc.).

I have been a volunteer at the Red Cross for a year now, and for 6 months I have been a Deputy Leader of the Red Cross Youth Organization in Stip.

As a volunteer, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Promotion of Human Values (PHV) project, in which we devised an action for inclusion of children with mental disabilities and organized a couple of hours of meeting in the park. We also had sports and fun activities with the kids. We called the action “Together everything is possible”, and our moto is “WE ARE ALL THE SAME”.

Very often, people with disabilities are targeted by citizens, perceiving them as not worthy of interaction. So we came up with the idea that these kids deserve a lot of attention, to prove we are all the same no matter what the mental development and situation we are in.

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