The fast changes in the ESN

I am an English Language Teaching student in Akdeniz University Antalya/Turkey.

Last year I realized that we have so many Erasmus students but they were always complaining about how the system in Turkey is complicated, and how they were having hard times because there are very few people in Turkey speaking English, especially in the places where they had to deal with documents. I was afraid that in the future that will discourage some students to do their semester abroad in my University and I felt that I had to do something.

I thought about ESN (Erasmus Student Network) which is a non-profit student organization helping Erasmus students adapt to the city and the system. It looked like our ESN team was unaware of the situation and I told to myself that I will join to that team and change everything.

1 week later I was an active member, 3 weeks later I entered the board team.

I changed so many things about the team, when the new semester started, we were a really organized, motivated, well prepared team. We had 8 board members 40 active members and 80 Erasmus students. I gave 2 Erasmus students to each active member and with that way, I created “Erasmus Buddy system” those buddies contacted all the students before they came to Turkey, helped them find an apartment, picked up from the airport, they were always with the students when they were dealing with residence permit, they helped them learn the city and students didn’t feel alone. That semester nobody complained about anything we made really nice trips, events and of course parties. Everybody was so happy and the next semester I became the president of my section, everything was even better and I am planning to enter to the board member of ESN Turkey soon.

Now we have a highly increasing number of Erasmus students, anybody who wants join our team can easily access to us on Instagram, facebook and Twitter.

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