The dark side of the LGTBI community

This story is about a boy who is 16 years old. He is my best friend.
Everyone knows that for the members of the LGTBI community, it is complicated to tell their parents about their sexuality. It’s actually scary because you don’t now how they are going to react. If they react well and they accept it, then everything is perfect. But in this story his parents didn’t accept it.

He told his family about his sexuality and got thrown out of his house, his parents were shocked. He told me everything while crying.
I just said that I was there for him, for everything that he needed. He came to live in my house for a month and in that time he found a good job and also a house to live in, but he won’t ever forget his family. Spain is one of the most open-minded countries in this way, I can’t imagine how it is in other countries…
If everyone helps the person who is just abandoned by their family, friend or have been bullied just because for who they are, everyone would be living a lot better. Also you’ll help that person to not feel alone.

Nowadays his mother accepted him, but not his father. Also he is helping people in the same situation and now he is happy.

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