The 80th anniversary!

Hi my name is Ola!

People do not suppose that living in the small town can give us such a beneficial impact. Everyone knows each other so the inhabitants share a strong bond. I’ve got so many wonderful memories from my primary school and now when I’m finally an adult I really love thinking about them often. When I heard that my primary school is celebrating its 80th foundation anniversary, I thought that it will be great idea to help with some organization.

I went to the headmaster’s office and I asked how could I help them. She was incredibly happy and she gave me my free will. I’ve decided to ask some of my schoolmates for help and together we came up with a wonderful celebration plan. We invited city ​​authorities and we’ve posted an advertisement in our local newspaper. Children from school were responsible for the art performance, they showed us some traditional dances and an amazing show. My friends and I did a fundraiser with the aim to recondition old walls of this school. We were selling some small snacks and desserts. We’ve also organized a lot of games and activities for children what made them really happy.

I was really proud of our initiative and I can’t wait for an another opportunity to organize some more events in our town. The sight of the residents who talked and laughed all day was the best think I could have ever experienced.

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