One trash bag at a time – Todor Marjanovik

Throughout my lifetime I have participated in numerous actions with the goal of cleaning the city. Out of all those, the one that inspired me most and made me deeply care about the nature, was a cleaning action I did in Romania a couple months back.

The action took place in the Nestru village in northern Romania during a youth exchange. When the cleaning action was announced there weren’t many happy faces but soon that would drastically change. While we were cleaning this small village the village people were all gathered watching us, somehow we felt very motivated to continue.

When we finished with the cleaning they started to cheer and clap for us and we felt very good.

After this moment of admiration we all were over the moon, so before we left we cleaned the entire village one more time.

I keep in touch with most of the participants and we still, to this day talk about that event and how it moved us. Now most of us are participating in local cleaning actions with the common goal of saving the nature with culture.

I hope what you can take away from this is an inspirational story that will motivate you!

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