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As we all agree; one of the most crucial citizenship right & duty are the elections and giving a vote.

If we also consider to not getting involve the elections as a political choice (which is rare) regarding to your vote, you are able to chance something. Voting is how you define yourself as part of something larger than yourself. If you don’t vote, someone else will make the decisions for you. Voting is part of your independence. It matters because of your future, the future of your family & your society that you live in.

People who don’t vote are letting down their families. Unfortunately, we live in such a world where everybody is just complaining about something, but they are doing nothing at all to change it!

Here is the case of one of my favorite own citizenship stories:

There were several friends of me, who didn’t the current political situation that we have but they were even not going to vote. If you live in a public where everybody is just complaining, but isn’t activist; you just take responsibility to be active!

After days and days of spending time with them; trying to convince them, I finally made it. It was really challenging for me because politics is a subject which is super serious and people could take all advice as being offended or could get angry easily… It was my luck that they were really loving me that even if they dont want to talk, they just stand on to listening without getting angry!

The biggest effect on them was made by the comment regarding having a choice for you, your children, grandchildren and others that can have potentially a better future or not.

So, after saying that: if you do not vote for yourself, then let’s make the voting about the new generations.

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