Let’ be GREEN!

My story begins in Bosnia where I am originally from. Being a youngster there pushes you to think about problems in the community because of the many factors. One of the biggest problems in Bosnia is youth passivity. It’s really hard to motivate youth to participate in different projects.

But last year we did! We gathered, not only youth from Bosnia but also from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia to discuss about sustainable design and architecture in our countries. On the existing eco-pavilion we designed furniture and ceilings (yes, we made them with our hands). We motivated even the local community to take part and our major came to visit us to see how it’s possible that youth during the summer holiday is working on something related to such an important, yet forgotten topic.

Meeting all those people, encouraging youth in my country was one of the best feeling İ have ever felt. It’s a small step that makes our but also other lives better.

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