I am Ayça and I am studying law in Istanbul/Turkey. In Turkey you have to do an obligatory internship for one year after you graduate. In addition to that your faculty doesn’t help you to find a law firm to do it. So that is the key point about how my citizenship story at “Career in Law Association” started. As a law student, in my second year I realized that if you have a wide environment than you can find a proper law firm easily. But, how can it be possible? I was born in Malatya and didn’t know anyone in Istanbul.

After all these things, I decided to establish an association for law students. With the help of the dean, my 6 friends and I made it!

This association currently has 600 members!

We’re doing “lawschool101” in law firms this is a max 2 hours course about specific topics and we’re visiting firms to learn more about internship opportunities.

I would like to share one lawschool101 story with you. As a first step we have an email draft in order to ask if the law firm is available. After we receive the positive email from this firm, we do an announcement via our social media platforms. In that way people can see the event and register it. An the event day, at least one lawyer and one head of the human resources from this firm come to the session area (most of the time it is held in a meeting room of this firm) and starts to give us a quick look about the topic, it might be intellectual property or mergers & acquisitions etc.. At the end of the session we ask questions about topic and job opportunities. That is how it goes.

50+ students had a chance to find job/internship that suit them. I am glad to be a member of Career in Law Association. What you want is at the other side of the fear, don’t wait for it and be the solution!

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