Helping Helpers

It’s easy to ask or expect help from those who always offer it. But how many times do we think of helping the ones who do the most in our community?

My citizenship story began when a friend of mine found a box with 4 abandoned puppies. He called an NGO that deals with abandoned animals and has a shelter. Let me tell you, the lady who answered wasn’t too happy about it. She said that she can’t take any more puppies because they already have over 1500 dogs, lots of cats, rabbits even horses or ponies. She also said that she gets this type of calls every day. Everyone wants help from her but nobody thinks to ask if she needs help with anything.

I have to be honest. I have been following the NGO’s page for a long time but never offered to volunteer or donate.

This is how the next morning, my friend and I woke up at 5 AM to go to the shelter with the people who work there. They picked us up with a van, gave us a change of clothes and we started cleaning the dog’s boxes. What could be better than working and being surrounded by dogs? We finished with cleaning and feeding the animals and the rest of the 8 hours shift we spent playing with the animals.

That is still one of the happiest memories I hold.

What did I learn from this? We are not entitled to receive someone’s help just because they offer it. Get moving and do something for your community. Volunteer. Help. Donate.

Be involved.

Side note: The puppies also got adopted by a family. YAY!

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