Free in an unfree world

All my life, I’ve been motivated to do my best and change the world. Even though this thought might seem too romantic, no one ever made the change alone. Every single person is able to contributeĀ  for a different future using their own means and ways. For this reason, I’ve always been thinking of what it’s better for me to do for that, as mediocrity never suited me.

Then, came the moment that changed my life and woke me up from my sleep making me really understand that enjoying the rights given to us only by our own human existence is not self – evident. It was actually a video of this action of an NGO who addresses the topic of the modern slavery, human trafficking. The image that ruined every doubt I had so far was of a 4-year old girl in Thailand, who was sold to a trafficker by her own parents, dancing almost naked in a bar.

This girl was thankfully rescued and given back the childhood she lost. If it wasn’t for the video, I would have never probably thought that such incidents are taking place every day and thus I understood that most of the victims are not rescued and are sentenced to live a life they didn’t freely choose. The combination of the feelings(sadness, anger, hope) provoked into me was so overwhelming that I couldn’t realize the actual impact that that image had on me.

From that point and then, I became passionate and motivated in this issue and I became a volunteer of the organization without thinking more about that. I felt the duty of offering to the idea of freedom like an inner flood of determination. I eventually joined the organization team that aims to raising awareness by organizing events, creating informative material and defines the strategy of spreading the truth. We cannot talk about a free world while slaves still exist and each of us will never be totally free until even the last person on earth is set free. Human beings are notĀ  slot machines and we mustn’t treat them as such.

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