Folklore Group in our community

Living in a small city, there is always a challenge to unite people and make a group in the community. I always wanted to make some kind of group of young people which could spend time together and share their passions. At first it wasn’t that easy because of the difficulty of convincing teenagers to spend time after school in some place with people they didn’t know. But I started to share this idea at schools and I encouraged people by organizing a party at which we all met and talked about the whole idea and what we want to do and achieve.

We made some concepts and after all I decided to create our young community group with an idea of developing our passions. The group unites people with passion for singing and dancing especially. At first we sang what we wanted to for just an entertaining but after we achieved more than 10 people to join us we have focused on one thing-regional folklore culture. We made a team with 15 participants in it. We usually sing and dance on school performances but we had been also invited on regional festivals of our town and villages around it.

I think this kind of spending time is really educating and you can learn from it how to work with other people, how to be more open minded and that you can share something you like with others.

We are just getting ready for new festivals and performances and we can’t wait to do more with our group!

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