Everyone deserves happiness

I am a red cross volunteer since I was 11.

Trying to help other people is not easy at all. Not everybody wants to be kind and to help other people, until they find themselves in such situation. Three years ago there were a major floods in Skopje.  22 people were injured, 24 people died (20 people identified and 4 people missing), also 1000 people were evacuated.

We were all concerned and informed about the situation. All volunteers were in action and tried to help as much as they could.

In every city we had checkpoints where citizens donated food, drinks, clothing and hygiene products. Some of the teams were sent to the field. We all tried our best about the situation. We also received help from the other countries until the situation calmed down.

It is pleasure to be volunteer in organization like Red Cross, to have the opportunity to help other people and to brighten their day.

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