Erasmus+ Ambasador

I have never volunteered before going to my first Erasmus Plus project. I was completely outside of this volunteering world.

My first project changed my life and made me become more involved in this kind of activities, the life changing ones. I saw the true value of this projects, that fact that it gives you a precious tool for life, equips you with the skills you need and gives you the confidence and maybe the network that can be useful later. So I started researching and going to more projects, getting involved in other kind of activities as well.  I have done 6 youth exchanges so far, one training course and one short term European Solidarity Corps.

Now, every time I go to a project and see someone who is at his/her first project I give them recommendations, I encourage them go to more projects and tell them more about all the opportunities available (Youth Exchanges, Training courses, ESC, internships, etc). I also encouraged my sister to go to her first project although she was only sixteen, I helped her finding the project, applying for it and all the things needed. After this, all her friends asked me to help them and whenever I go home and meet them I tell them more about the projects and help them find the best ones for them.

In my circle of friends, everyone knows about these opportunities as well, because whenever I see a project that may be suitable for one of my friends, I encourage them to apply and go for it. So I can easily say that I have become the Erasmus Plus ambassador!

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