An eco-friendly world traveler

This story talks about a common boy that became an eco-friendly world person.

That boy is called Antonio, he lives in a sea city in the south of Spain called “Marbella”, where he grew up and started learning values, analyzing how a rich city can have as many social inequalities, so he decided to start volunteering. He was first one to help disabled people, making them feel useful in society and helping them to have a relationship with everyone and not just between each other.  That helped him to make him feel a better person and improve in the volunteering world.

After years listening the world eco problems, he realized that he could also do something to counter it and starting to recycle, made his parents use more public transportation, until he became a member of an eco-friendly local group that focuses on cleaning nature, such as: beaches or mountains, in his free time and for free, just for making Antonio feel better.

Years pass, and he joined social groups at University, to help new students join the university world or help LGTBIQ people that have suffered discrimination and trying to make their lives better with their families and society.

The last program and the hardest one for him, before joining this one, was this last summer in Thailand volunteering as an English teacher, helping kids from an undeveloped country that have limited access to education, helping to even improve the teachers accent.

That guy called Antonio is me, and this program helped me to learn more about European cultures and people.

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