Always try to find the light in the darkest situations

This is not my story, it’s my best friend’s story.

“I was depressed and suicidal and needed help. I checked myself into a mental hospital for teens.

When I arrived there I noticed that some of the walls were damaged and written all over them, with a marker. Those were negative thoughts. Negative emotions, insults etc.

At first I didn’t mind but after a few weeks of being in the hospital I was getting better but the negative thoughts on the walls kept bringing me down. I realized these thoughts were not good for a healing environment. After that I told the doctors but they said that they couldn’t do anything. The next day i gathered a group of a few girls and we started to write of the negative thoughts with positive ones and started to draw  art.

After this lots of the teens started to be more happy and just admire the drawing for hours at a time. Seeing this I went and talked with the doctors again and after hours of convincing they agreed.

We organized an event and all the teens wrote and drew on the walls nice things.   The energy drastically changed and everyone was much happier!

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