I have always loved acting, singing, and also directing. I used to read a lot about cinematography, dramaturgy, how movies were made… Movies were something I really enjoyed, but Theatre was really my passion. By the end of my junior year, my schoolmates and the rest of the peers from my promotion, a total of 60 people, were going on a trip to celebrate that school had already finished. We decided we really wanted to go to Poland.

So we started working hard: started making our money, selling chocolates, candy and some typical Spanish products to family, friends and people in the streets, collecting as much money as we could for our trip. But the thing wasn’t really working. After two weeks of work, we collected little money, not even the half of what we needed for the trip. That’s when we realized we needed to do something else to get some money. So we decided we wanted to do a Theatre play, to which I was the director of.

I, along with another friend, got together to organize everything, the rehearsals, the place, costumes, and we just made it happen: we directed Ulises Living Odissey, the Musical. With the money that we collected from the play, we were finally able to go on our trip! Everyone was so excited, especially me, because I did one of the things I most love, direct a play, which wasn’t an easy job, but we made it.

I enjoyed this experience a lot, because I learned more about my friends, Theatre and even myself. The faces of the people that came to see us were just something I will never forget. Everyone won at the end: a happy audience, a happy class, and the happiest teenage girl!

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