Second Hand Wonders

Trying to get someone to upcycle is a tough job.

Not only do you have a lot of convincing to do, you discover that a lot of people can be very lazy about the topic. But, there is nothing more tempting than an easy problem with a visible solution waiting to be solved. So, I started turning thought into action.

I spoke to 5 friends of mine about their old clothes and if they were willing to donate it. Each of them ended up packing one bag of clothes and all of them got donated to the local Red Cross.

A few months of doing that with my friends and talking about it on Facebook, a lot of other people started messaging me and telling me that they really wanted to join the initiative: they had clothes to spare and a loving heart, so of course I said yes!

Today, we do a massive Giveaway of Clothes every 3 months, on a regional level that includes 3 big local communities. And this is something that I am incredibly proud of!

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