Joy of Singing!

As a singer myself, I always wanted to find a way to bring singing to my local community. As an artform, it has helped me express myself better and meet amazing new people so I thought, why not try and share that joy of singin with the local community!

I started talking to a lot of people in the town about the idea, explaining to them what it was all about and how the benefits of it would be definitely long-term.

A lot of people were sceptical at first.

After being able to find a conductor, willing to work with the kids for next to nothing, we had a hard time convincing the parents of the local kids to allow them to join the choir.

Thankfully, after a few performances and videos, with the help of social media, we got the choir to a level of popularity where finding members was easy – everyone wanted to be part of the cool club!

We’re proud to have 30 kids in our humble choir and bring smiles to the people in our local community. Oh and we also do charity work, meaning the concert ticket fees are usually donated to a person in need!

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