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The diversity and inclusion bedrock to the European project have begun to erode due to external andinternal pressures. Media, politicians, and the newly formed social construct have pushed people and nations around the world to consolidate their identities around ethnicities, religions, languages, and values. The citizen continuum has been curtailed. Today groups see themselves surrounded by’others’, as opposed to seeing everyone as their equal peers .

To combat this erosion of inclusion, dynamism, oneness and support the European Union’s “Unity in Diversity” motto, it is vitally important for youth to participate in multi – cultural, international mobile learning activities. European youth require increased experiential knowledge of these so-called ‘others’, the opportunity to redefine their
own sense of self and citizenship, and to create inclusive and unifying communities.

“Cityzenship” aims to re-contextualize ‘citizenship’, personal, and community identification,as inclusive, unifying, and localized concepts. Project activities will affect the boundaries of group inclusion and identification to reflect the importance of residency, community, interests,equality and self-identification.

„Citizenship“ OBJECTIVES


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The project was implemented between 27.11.2019 – 05.12.2019 in Shtip, North Macedonia

Our Partners
MSc Sanja Stefanova

(Project Trainer)

Kiril Jordanov

(Project Coordinator)

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